Saturday, September 20, 2008

on the lighter side..

justin has fridays off, and our project list was quite long, so a trip to Lowe's was in order. we all piled in the car {M was at school}, and stopped at our friends four-bucks. no trip to Lowe's should be without a grande mocha in hand. L kept asking if she could have a sip of coffee, if you know L, you know that she can be really persistent. after several attempts at trying to get her lips around the coffee cup, she eventually said, "i can't wait until i'm older so i can drive and drink coffee." we got a good laugh and it has kept us smiling through the stress of hinge/door handle decisions.

{side note about lis- most people think she's from boston or new york after hearing her speak. we have no idea where the accent came from- she's too much}


Rebecca said...

That made me laugh!! :) She is too cute! Love the lips.

I finally let my 10 year old have a decaf latte the other day. She felt VERY grown up. :)

Tish said...

that is so true...she really DOES have an accent! she is such a sitfie...i love that girl!

Tish said...

ooops, i meant "spitfire" not "sitfie"!

kayellen said...

What a cutie pie!!Love that picture:)
I am in New England...Trade Show with my Mom's company.
Hubby coming in tommorow night...Headed for Bosotn.
Grandpa watching my teenagers..back home...
a little vaca:)for hubby and me should be fun.
Have a good weekend!