Sunday, November 16, 2008


justin's been reading to the girls every night from the New England Primer. it was the first school book for young children. it's based on old and new testament scripture and gives life lessons in how to live according to God's Word. i encourage you all with young children to pick up a copy. it's for sale on for $6.00 {not including shipping}. this is a treasured book in our home.

justin has been at the men's retreat this weekend and had the privilege of leading the men in a saturday morning devotional. he read from the Primer. i thought i'd share the same this morning.. i believe this speaks volumes.................

Have communion with FEW,
be intimate with ONE,
deal justly with ALL,
speak evil of NONE
- The New England Primer.

edited: even if you don't have small children, pick up a copy!!


Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Wow! That is awesome!!!

I will head over and get that book - it sounds great, and for only $6!

Thanks for the recommendation!

Anthony and Lisa said...

This might be on our Christmas list! I studied the NEP when I was in college. We were learning about how education began in this country, and where it is now. A little sad, I think. Thanks for the recommendation!

Tish said...

hey that recommendation! and also loved your convicted post. i was just thinking of such things tonigt. hope you are well!