Saturday, October 4, 2008


Our church is hosting ALERT '08 a prophecy conference. Pastor Skip Heitzig, Tim LaHaye, LTG. William G. Boykin, and former terrorist Kamal Saleem will be speaking. Chris Sligh, former American Idol contestant will be leading us in worship. We are so blessed to serve in a church that is focused on speaking biblical truth and equipping us a believers to be better prepared for what lies ahead.

Check this out!

Calvary of Albuquerque- click on watch now! {i believe you can archive this}

{ps. justin went to the airport this morning to pick up Tim LaHaye- pretty cool....}

thank you Lord, that you have given Skip a heart for Truth, thank you for using Calvary to speak your Word and that there are ears that are eager to listen. i pray for protection on our campus, for those attending and for our pastors that are serving. i pray for those who want to harm us, Lord use us to show your love and to boldly stand for you. i pray that hearts are changed today and that we walk away better equipped to live for you.


Anthony and Lisa said...

I continue to pray that God will give us discernment, wisdom, and clarity in these coming days. We are living in uncertain times, but at least we know that Jesus is waiting for us. I'm going to check out the website that you linked.

SBA said...

the conference sounds interesting - definitely do a follow-up post on the content and what you got out of it.
i like the new background too!
is mia still liking her new school?

Rebecca said...

Wow, the conference sounds awesome!!!!

Tish said...

i so wish i could have been her efor it!