Wednesday, October 15, 2008


{mor on her 90th birthday, April 16, 2008}

Mor, means mother in Danish and Norwegian. Mor, that is what we call her. She is a sweet, kind, honest, gentle, giving, loving, tender, forgiving, beautiful, witty, faithful, peacemaker, wise, wonderful baker and chef, gifted at hospitality, lover of all and mostly a priceless example of a godly woman. She is my grandmother. I've been blessed with this woman, she has been my closest friend. I have been able to cry, laugh, and pray with her. She lost her beloved a year and a half a go and hasn't been the same since. She served him faithfully for 67 years. She has been my example of what God has called us women to be, a quiet and gentle spirit, a helpmate, and a true proverbs 31 woman. At times Justin says I'm exactly like her. There is no greater complement.

Since the passing of Far {Father}, she has longed to go be with him. She ends her prayer at night with, " Lord, I'm ready,take me". Her greatest desire right now is to be in the arms of Jesus and to be reunited with her Albert. My heart aches for her, in the quiet of the night, I find myself crying for her. There are few memories she has that don't include Far. They passed down a legacy of serving God, and one another. She recalls a time when her children were school age and she was busy making beds and she heard God beckon her. She knelt by her son's bed and surrendered her busyness and committed to never allowing the things of this world to come between her and God. I believe that she hasn't let a day pass that she hasn't served Him fully. I know that when her day comes, she will hear, "Well done good and faithful servant."

{she has a special relationship with all her great-grandchildren}

{Jesus loves the little children}

{the entire family gathered for her 90th-
she was missing her beloved, and still is}

Tonight, I find myself torn. Mor is in the hospital with some kind of infection, there is no clear picture as to what is the cause, but she's not well. I so desperately want her to close her eyes and awaken in the presence of our Lord and Savior and yet, I'm selfish. I want her to hold my children once again, I want to feel her soft cheeks and smell her sweet perfume. I want to hold her hand and kiss her as I put her to bed, I want to pray with her and listen to her share stories of her life with Far. My rest is knowing that I will once again see her, but, in the meantime my flesh takes over. Please pray for my sweet Mor {she would want you to call her that}, that what ever her lot, she will be able to say, that it is well.................


Tish said...

aw, kari, this made me cry.. i loved the story of her kneeling by her son's bed and surrendering her busyness to God. and i know how you must be torn...wanting her to go and yet wanting her to stay...bittersweet. i love you!

Anthony and Lisa said...

My Grandma Fran is sick as well. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past month and a half. I have been on my knees, surrendering my flesh to the Lord, pleading that my prayers will align with His Will. I want her here, with me. I want my Grandma Fran to be well and spunky and full of life, like I remember her. I want all of my children to know and love her like I do. But, I also know that she is in so much pain. Her osteoporosis has progressed, and her bones have turned to mush, which has caused them to collapse on her nerves, especially in her spine, causing her severe pain. Kari, I will be praying for your Mor. At least you can take comfort knowing where she will be when the Lord takes her. I am praying that my grandma will truly know who Jesus is and that He longs to be her Savior.

Jaci Bounds said...

I cried as I read this blog. I havbe always loved my visits with your family. Mor has always treated me as if I were just another granddaughter. I loved your description of her in the first few sentences...those words are so true and heartfelt. I will be praying for you all. Keep me updated.

God, I ask that you be with David, Sue, Kari, Cherith, Amy and the rest of the Wathne family, especially Mor right at this very moment. Whatever your will is Lord give them all a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding.

Sarah Mae said...

What a beautiful post in her honor. My prayer is that those around her who have witnessed her "proverbs 31" life will pass it on; that more women will be like her so that younger women can continue to learn from and grow in wisdom and beauty.

I will pray for you sweet Mor.

kayellen said...

So touching Kari.
I love the pictures of your Grandma and family.

Sounds like she has lived a wonderful life and an amazing journey with the Lord.

I will keep all in my prayers,