Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the pumpkin patch {or should i say pumpkin parking lot}

for the past 5 years we've gotten a kick out of the preschools annual pumpkin patch field trip. actually, it's just a walk across the church parking lot. at times i wish we were back east where the kids could enjoy the full taste of autumn, but God has placed us here, so we enjoy and make the best out of where we are.

{walking across the parking lot}
{daddy was able to join us}
{seth and lis- we missed mia {sad face...}

thank you heavenly father, that although we're in the southwest and our pumpkin patch is in a parking lot you were there. thank you that the kids had a great time and enjoyed picking out pumpkins and for justin who had the day off. i pray that the church's youth group is blessed by the sale of the pumpkins. i'm so grateful for the opportunities we have with our children, even though they look a little different from mine as a child. i praise you because you care even about the little details....

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Tish said...

oh, i hear you on this one!!!