Saturday, June 7, 2008

feeling overwhelmed...(sigh)

as a stay at home mama of 3 children, and the wife of a pastor. i'm trying really hard to budget more, spend less, drive less, be more organized, and enjoy the blessings God has given us. but, i'm having a hard time at starting this.... there are a mix of feelings right now. like how do i even start? at all of it.... ugh... i'm feeling discouraged right now. and probably having a bit of a pity party.

i've spent the afternoon, searching, reading, researching and enjoying some great women out there (in the blogging world) who have compiled ways of saving money. but, honestly, i'm intimidated. where do i even begin.. i had no idea that i could print coupons, that there was a walgreens game, ebates, rebates, surveys, and more to help you save and earn money. i feel like i've cheated our family for not having started any of these.

so, i'm ready to take on this new world. i'm excited about the possibilities and i look forward to what i hope will be a journey to new heights.

however, i'm still intimidated about this whole process, so, i'll be using this outlet as a way of keeping my sanity.

my prayer is that someone else out there is a beginner as well, and maybe we can venture together.

this is picture of my husband looking at our garden. he's a tad discouraged at the lack of growing tomatoes. i think he's praying over them.

just like my husband praying over the absence of our tomatoes, i too commit this new endeavor to the Lord and trust that HE will guide. i thank you Lord, for your faithfulness in providing for us in many ways that we don't even deserve.

whether it's a new morning, an afternoon break, or start of something new- first we have coffee.........


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Andrea said...

Oh, don't be discouraged at all :-) This saving money thing takes time! I've been home full-time now for 3 years and am just now really getting into making this like "my job" along with everything else on the list. It will come so naturally in a few months that it's second nature! And, the other ways to save and earn (like ebates, surveys, affiliate programs) are great too but that took a lot of time in researching and feeling comfortable in sharing with readers!

Hey, everything is in God's timing and you wouldn't want it any other way, I know! So, just remember that - you could have saved lots before but now with God's will and work in it, you'll be even more prosperous!!!