Friday, June 20, 2008

Oldemor's Strawberry Jam

i have such wonderful memories of my grandmother's frozen strawberry jam. just the smell of it brings back all the fun times we shared. so, today we decided that it was a perfect morning to get messy and make some tasty jam (as lissie calls it). we wish oldemor was here with us, but i know that she'd be proud of her little sugar baby lambs.

got the gloves on.

the goods

a little distracted, but trying to get the job done.

okay, lis got a little tired from mushing the strawberries, this works better...

the finished product! yummy!! we can't wait for peanut butter and jam!
(by the way, mia had to wear her glasses)

we love you Oldemor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kari, mia and lis

1 comment:

Tish said...

great fun! and i can't wait to taste the jam! mia looks so grown up with her glasses.