Monday, June 9, 2008

the sun is out!

ok, so the last time i posted, i was feeling very overwhelmed and incredibly intimidated. i knew in my heart that i wanted desperately to be running this home more efficiently and with more of a frugal mindset. so, i spent much of the day on saturday, researching a way to help me be more of a good steward with the resources the Lord has given us. instead, of feeling inspired, i felt discouraged. for many reasons, but the one i kept coming back to was, the fact that i just didn't know where to begin. how do i start? how do i find the time to do all that i need to do, plus, all that i want to do.

so, after committing this to the Lord and asking Him for direction. this is what happened. i woke the next day to read such an encouraging comment from mommy snacks.
-"Hey, everything is in God's timing and you wouldn't want it any other way, I know! So, just remember that - you could have saved lots before but now with God's will and work in it, you'll be even more prosperous!!!"

she's so right, it's all in God's timing and since He's laid this on my heart just recently, I want to obey. so, thank you mommy snacks for all the hard work you do to make it easy for moms like me to be more aware of my spending and look for compiling lists of printable coupons. i'm starting with that!

after feeling encouraged and excited about this new adventure, i checked out simple mom.
this is another one of my favorite blogs. this site is full of helpful tools to better equip me as a mom. her post for today was productivity in the home. HELLO! could she read my mind.... i've been trying for a long time to work on this area in my life. my lovely husband who so enjoys time management has for awhile now tried to convince me to color code a calendar and stick to blocking out chunks of time for certain tasks. i know... i know..... that just doesn't work for a busy mom of 3. he means well, but oh dear! so, i thank you simple mom for doing the leg work and now there is freedom in knowing it IS possible.

thank you Lord, for giving me the desire to be more of who you want me to be.


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Simple Mom said...

Thanks for the mention! Glad to have you around.