Saturday, June 7, 2008

so i moved things around....

so, i moved things around a bit. what do you think? better?

the floating couch- i like it better. i hate that the front door opens into this room. oh well, what can you do.. the pillows are from the master bedroom- is it too much white background.

a shot of the living room from the hall.. do you see the high windows. what's a girl to do?
another shot of the couch. a little different angle that shows the fireplace. do you know if i can paint the black and gold on the fireplace? also, my husband is planning on framing the mantle out with trim. it will look a lot better.
the tv cabinet angle .
moved the wing chair to where the couch use to be.
the chaise in the corner on an angle- next to the wing chair ( where the couch use to be)

i think this works for now.... when we bought the home, the family room was off the kitchen, but there was only the counter to eat at, and the formal dining room. so, that's why we did the switcheroo.. since we spend so much time in the kitchen, it only made sense to move the tv to the living room. it works for now....

thanks again nester!!


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The Nester said...

Oh, i love those pillows on your sofa--it looks so calming!

just wondering--is there anyway to get your tv over the firplace? I'm guessing no.

I also didn't know that the door opens right there! You could try the tv in front of the window but I have a feeling you won't like it. but, if it's not too much trouble to try--i would!

fabric--I get mine any place they have pretty fabric from yard sales and wal mart to hobby lobby to high end fabric stores! There's no wrong and for pillows I like to go to the nice stores and find their remnants for super cheap!

love your wall color!

I still wonder if you could scoot the tv cab still at an angle but closer to the fp and float the sofa on the rug across from the fireplace but still with good tv viewing? But, if you like it now, don't mess with it!