Thursday, July 10, 2008

a good start to the day

i just wanted to show you all how we begin our day. it doesn't always look like this, most of the time i have a child {or 2} on my lap and i'm trying to keep them quiet. but, for some reason today, i wanted to capture this moment- to me this is a beautiful picture of our family.

thank you Heavenly Father, that you have blessed this family with a man that so desires to live according to your word. that he desires for his children to grow in the grace and knowledge of you. thank you that we can start our day going before you and committing the day to you. it's a privilege to be called your children.


Sarah Mae said...

That is a beautiful picture! Thank you for sharing!

Where is the pantry pics? I want to see! :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. My kids would loose all focus if I had the camera out. They like to pose.

I love your picture and what a blessing you have in your husband.

-- Brandi

Anonymous said...
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Tish said...

precious...and even more precious because i know J's heart to be a godly husband and father.

Misty Lee said...

What an awesome picture! Such a beautiful example of spending time in God's word as a family. What a blessing!

Andrea said...

I love this picture! We are lucky women to have men that love the Lord and want their children to see that, it truly is a blessing!!

Also, would you please send me your email addy again so I can send that spreadsheet to ya? Thanks!! :-)