Wednesday, July 16, 2008

how would we manage without our......

this is what it takes to get a family of 5 on vacation and it's only for 4 days! as you can see we are BIG fans of the L.L. Bean and Land's End tote. what is a family to do without one of these?

this is a breakdown.....

x-large green tote- parents clothes
large navy tote-snacks and breakfast items
medium raspberry tote- mia's clothes
medium green tote- lis' clothes
medium red tote- seth's clothes and diapers
small black/blue tote- hair accessories and toiletries
mini tote- snacks for the car

last fall, i tried to get my sweet accommodating husband to take the x-large green {monogrammed} tote on his men's retreat. that was quickly shot down- he was afraid that he would be made fun of. REALLY! not only are they the easiest bag to pack and find your stuff, but they're so cute to carry and not to mention they look darling in the back of the car. i just couldn't imagine why he didn't want to take this tote.

i'm from new england and every good new englander knows that this tote is a staple in our luggage collection. i leave the large navy tote in the back of the car, so when stray items seem to pile up, i can always throw them in there and somehow, the junk from the car looks good.

we have 7 totes, and occasionally i find myself browsing the LL Bean catalog for that next tote that will somehow complete my collection. maybe it will be that insulated one for picnics- now which color to choose from?

NOTE: i just checked out the LL Bean website and they have a sale on TOTES! this is a killer deal for a must-have!


Tish said...

you are toooo cute!

Misty Lee said...

Golly Kari! Who knew the tote was a must have? Silly me has always lugged actual baggage everywhere! I might have to peek at the LL Bean catalog and see what I have been missing! In all seriousness we go on alot of weekend trips and hate to pack huge bags; I will let you know if I order!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Absolutely! I love my 'green' shopping bags for taking to the supermarket (similar to the totes and they have a solid base, for stacking cans and stuff from the supermarket, but fold flat when you've finished with them). They are mostly handy for anything and everything, not just the grocery shopping.

Amanda Vargas said...

Kari, Thanks so much for coming over and commenting... it made me to feel great to hear you liked my post. And by the way i totally love the tote idea you should like start your own tote company and design all kinds of great fashionable totes. I would totally buy one! haha! thanks again have a great week!

SBA said...

That's hilarious. We have named LL Bean totes too and I'm a total convert. Only York doesn't have one (actually, he has the bag but not the name on it... Would he use one if I had the name put on? Not sure...)
They are SO useful! Something about that label that makes it more helpful...
Loved the photo especially.

Justine said...

Hey Kari, read your blog and couldn't NOT comment... loved it! My favorite Bean tote is the waterproof one! Waterproof vinyl-ish(?) bottom and zipper liner. You should def. check it out. Lots of love.