Thursday, July 10, 2008

mama got some help!

lately, i've been struggling with trying to get everything i need to get done and enjoy my time with the girls and S. however, it's been very difficult to get even the smallest of chores done around here. actually, IMPOSSIBLE... {in the 5 minutes i've sat at the computer, i've been interrupted 6 times- really} have i been lazy, unmotivated, discouraged, overwhelmed? YES, i have... i admit it, so the first thing is recognizing that i have a problem and the 2nd thing is to do something about it. a big part is that i have 3 sets of eyes starring back at me, 3 sets of hands grabbing at me, 3 sets of feet running after me, and 3 MOUTHS to feed ALL day long. it's very difficult to finish what i've started.

after a long hard look at my situation, i realized that something HAD to change. something HAD to give {as my husband so nicely puts it}. well, something did change, i found a little mamas helper, a sweet 12 year old girl who loves kids, she lives 1 mile away, and best of all she has no big summer plans.

she came over today, so that i could clean out closets and the kitchen pantry. i had 3 hours of uninterrupted time. the girls and S were having a great time and so was I!! we decided on one morning a week for her to come over and watch the kids so that i could get some projects done. {i've been feeling a little guilty this afternoon for having to pay someone to watch the kids while i clean- is there something wrong with that?}

the pantry before- don't look too closely.. yuck!

the pantry after- don't look too closely..

i was able to set aside some clothes for donation...

thank you Lord that i was able to be productive today. thank you for our little helper that was able to watch the kids, bless her. thank you for keeping them safe. i want to be better at managing my time, so that i can serve you more. help me to follow through and fill me with your spirit, so that i may better discern my priorities.


Sarah Mae said...

YAY! Good job! And yes, that is a wedding picture! My husband put it in there - he is always doing silly things like that so I will find things in the most random places!


Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I love productive days. And, no it is not bad to have someone play with your kids while you clean. I'm all for it!!

-- Brandi

Tish said...

LUCKY!!!!! how wonderful, kari! i think it is also a fantastic opportunity for this young lady to grow in responsibility and earn some spending cash!!!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Hi - saw your blog link from Sarah Mae's - thought to stop by and say 'hi'.

I love your post on trying to prioritize your life a bit better -and give yourself a bit of credit - life really isn't much about you (the mum) when you have 3 little kids... I know how that is, so don't be too hard on yourself.

I think the best think you've done is find some help and a 12 year old girl who loves kids and is happy to help is a superb idea! Don't feel guilty. It took me ages to not feel guilty about having my youngest in childcare 1 day a week (while my middle child is at kindy and my oldest at school) so I could have un-interuppted 3 hours a week do to things.

Will stop back and check out your blog again soon - I can tell that we have a lot in common already.

Erica said...

Kari, my dear, you are a girl after my own heart! I love a girl who likes to get down and organized! The pantry looks marvelous and I am sure new friendships are being built between your blessed helper and your children.