Monday, July 21, 2008

a sweet getaway

last week we decided to escape with some friends to the mountains of colorado. it had been awhile since we had been out of town and we needed it so desperately. we had originally planned a month away to NH { actually, i was to be away with the kids for a month and justin would join us when he could}. well, with the rising gas prices and absurd airfare, we thought it best to stay close to home. i really battled with disappointment- i wanted so badly to spend the summer on the lake, but God had other plans for us and i've learned over the years not to have expectations. {as justin reminds me, that when we have expectations, we only get hurt} so, i really needed to go before the Lord and surrender MY plans for HIS plans and what would be best for our family. we're trying so hard to be better stewards and it just didn't seem right to spend all that money this year. God spoke very clearly to me and reminded me that what's important is relationships, so i set aside all the desires i had and fully committed to making it a great summer at home. however, God gave us a sweet little gift in the form of faithful friends and a home in the mountains. {more importantly, church was able to free justin for a few extra days- thank you dave!} so off we went..... here are a few highlights

thank you Lord, that you gave us this little bit of time so that we could re-focus and spend time in your creation. thank you that you love us enough to bless us even when we least expect it. thank you for relationships that are centered on you and memories that will last. i love that you know just what we need and when we need it.


Tish said...

so precious! glad you had a great time!

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Oh - it's looks like such a beautiful place... better than anything lots of money could buy!

kayellen said...

Oh Kari!
What fun family photos!!
It looks like you had a wonderful time:)
Your kids are just adorable too!
Thanks for sharing,